Stephen Colbert and Stephen King holding hands in matching sweaters.

I didn’t know how much I needed this gif

I know who’s gonna die in his next book
Omg, my first follower. <3 xD

-insert witty textual post-

-cue rise to Tumblr Fame-

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Upcoming Weekend

Today is Chinese News Years! I may not look like it, but I’m actually Vietnamese (it really freaks people out). Though, the holiday should seriously be renamed as South East Asian New Years, since essentially all the Asians celebrate it. xD. I had to go home from college and leave my boo behind. I’ll really miss him for the weekend.

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After a long break, I felt the need to start over on my tumblr. I deleted my old account and felt the that my blog should no longer be one filled with reblogs of funny pictures/gifs or whatever. I think its time things became personal. We all need an outlet to express feelings. Here’s a selfie taken about three weeks ago. Haven’t shaved recently so facial hair is kind of piling up.
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